A different group structure in Loomio

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Proposal: A different group structure in Loomio

The proposal is that the existing group structure

  • Diaspora Community
    – Documentation Team
    – Developer Proposals

is replaces by the following group structure

and each group should decide their sub structure (sub-groups).

Main argument: For the moment Loomio only use a two-level-structure, but we are not taking advantage of the top level.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 3
  • Abstain: 3
  • No: 4
  • Block: 0

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I wonder why the Loomio developers decided not to use a flat structure, with only groups and no subgroups.

Jonne, you get an overview of all groups and can discover what’s there if you press the loomio logo.

Jason, you see no benefit? Look again, take some time, you have 3 days :slight_smile:

I can get an overview of the groups I’m in. My point is that there’s no overview of what’s out there.

Steve, the proposal is to go from ONE group (as it is now) to say FOUR groups. Transforming some of the subgroups (asi it is now) to groups. From there it will be easier to organize - when we have more people here.

Sean, does Loom.io even have a move discussion/proposal functionality?

Tried looking for this info but realized it would mean looking in to the code :slight_smile:

If there were a way to move things as they develop, that would be the best thing, IMHO.

How can we tell the future? I say we follow the tracks that people make and when enough people are making tracks, a path is laid. Then when we are getting too much mud on our shoes we decide to lay down cobblestone, and then with more people comes laying down asphalt, and so on and so on.

@Jason: I don’t see any functions for it, but at the very least, I can make a strong case for it with their dev team.

@Sean I think we should inquire to Loom about it!

It is still early days and I am ambivalent whether we try to stick it out with existing structure or try something new. Both options have advantages. Either way is fine with me. I am starting to think bettermeans is a better option, but couldn’t get past the ssl waring. I know that ship has sailed.