A little typo on the update wiki page


I just noticed a little typo on the Updating wiki page: in the generic section, it still speak about the diaspoara.yml config file when it’s already 2 or 3 versions that we moved to diaspora.toml. As I had an account on the wiki I tried to modify this page but it now said that the page is locked.

Thus two little questions in fact :slight_smile: :

  • I surely missed a change in the Wiki administrative rule, thus I wonder if one could point me a page listing the new Wiki rules and who is responsible for what, or how we can gain access again to help maintaining the documentation :slight_smile:
  • In parallel, if a charitable one with editor right may fix this little typo for non-advanced admin, it can help no losing so much time to understand what happen with the diaspora.yml.example file.

Thank you very much.

Hi Étienne, and thanks for pointing this out.

I think the installation guides were locked for editing only to core members because of the risk of someone unintentionally entering something incorrect, which could be disastrous. For that reason, I won’t make the change myself, as I do not understand the installation process well enough.

To make it easier for whichever core member makes the edit, here’s a list of instances of diaspora.yml remaining in the wiki: Search results for "diaspora.yml" - diaspora* project wiki. Hopefully someone will get the chance to make these changes soon.