Ability to subscribe to RSS feeds

I tried some of the bots listed here:

But some does not work, other are written in Perl. :wink:

Are there other scripts to add an rss feed to my stream?

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I’m also looking for somtheing like this as I create a post once and replicate to many services, and then respond and engage on each social network. It inhibits me quite a bit having to post manually on Diaspora. Some of thos ebots listed above looked rather complex to implement.


Apologies for reviving this old topic, but this functionality seems important to be include in Diaspora.
I manage an alternative media based on voluntary workers, and unfortunately, manually posting every single article on Diaspora makes it:

  • Impossible for us
  • Our articles are only available on our website and the social media accepting such functionality (often begins with F).

One of the trigger for people to start leaving their current centralized, commercial, social media is findind info on it!
P. from Demosphere31

I can’t walk you through to complete solution but there are some automation bots like Pod Feeder (1,2). These are a little rough around the edges but can work. Basically it is a Python script which can run on schedule and post things from RSS feed.

However please note that there are already LOTS of news bots posting on Diaspora using similar mechanisms. Most of them quickly get blocked by most users and sometimes by entire servers as people don’t really like robotic spam, especially tag spam :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be better idea to selectively post articles and add some human touch to these posts if you are looking to maximize user interaction and exposure.

As @SpcCw says, it can be done via RSS. I know people that have even written their own scripts. But, all it does is save them copy/pasting from their blogs.

But in your case, perhaps also taking a step back and looking at Hubzilla might be worthwhile. I’m still looking into particulars, but you ought to be able to post to most of the Federation from there, as well as a number of other neat bits depending on how you set up the server. It wouldn’t help with autoposting per se, but it might cut down on some of the overhead.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll give Pod Feeder a try, but not sure it’s within reach of my poor IT skills.
Regarding the auto publish, this is definitely not a spam, but news from a news site. People who are choosing to befriend it are interested in the news it provides (experiences in the other big social media starting with F, from which we’re trying to get away), therefore we believe on the contrary that local contact would appreciate it.
We actually believe that such a mechanism as a standard Diaspora functionality would be significant ly attractive for some people who are media readers.

Thanks for the tip anyway, will give it a try!
Cheers :cowboy_hat_face:

Well, it is not very hard, I managed to make it half-working for me (I didn’t really had a purpose for it, just messed around). Perhaps you can ask around on Diaspora itself, I see a lot of news bots there so someone might be willing to share their configuration. E.g. most #NSFW tagged content is coming from porn bots operating via similar mechanism.

And be sure to go easy on tags :slight_smile: As automated bots generate LOTS of content, irrelevant tags will push them out to anyone subscribed and then in the ignore list it goes. Something to keep in mind when setting up automatic posting, especially since it allows to add common tags to all posts. That was my point.