About this pod link on frontpage

I think it would be a good feature if the pod frontpage had a link to “About this pod” as can be seen on Mastodon. As a new user I am guided to find a pod, but there is no information available that tells me who is running this pod. Is it a commercial entity, a computer club or a private person and what is their interest in running this pod?

As it happens it now looks like I selected a pod that is run by an anti globalisation organisation and that might not be what I want to be associated with.


That’s a good point @janj. I see pods almost like Facebook groups equivalent.

@MauOnline That’s a misunderstanding about how diaspora* works. Although I do think it would be a good idea to have a statement by the podmin what values and ideas he is following and if you can expect any (and what kind) of moderation on posts and accounts.