Account locked, and I don't know my pod or podadmin!

I created my diaspora account about 7 years ago. There where no pods then, at least I was not aware of them. I was mostly inactive for years, but when I tried to log back in I discovered my account was locked. Apparently, I need to contact my pod admin to unlock it. I barely know what a pod is, since this is the first time I come across this term, and I have no clue what is my pod and podadmin.
Could you please help me unlocking my account?

Do you know which pod it was? What’s the URL?

Unfortunately most of that is controlled by the pod owner, but if you post the pod we might be able to help you find who is running it.

You can only sign in at the pod with which you registered. If you signed up 7 years ago and didn’t know what a pod was, it’s very likely you signed up to, the pod set up by the project’s founders. Likely you (as I did) requested an invitation to join diaspora* and received the invitation some months later.

Your full diaspora* ID (in the form username@podname.tld) tells you which pod you have signed up with – it’s the second part of the ID, after the @ symbol.

If you can share with us the second half of you diaspora* ID, I’ll try to find out how the podmin is. If you have any emails from the time you signed up, that would confirm which pod you signed up with as the email would have been sent from the pod’s domain. If it’s, I know who to approach.