Account locked on JoinDiaspora? Censorship?

I’ve not been able to log into my account on JoinDiaspora for quite a few days now as it just comes up ‘Locked Account’. I’ve not had any email notification about the locking and I’ve not had any reply from a support ticket created #000716 after sending an email about this situation to I would like to know why my account is suddenly locked and I want to know if it’s either the pod itself (liberal censorship no different to Youtube, Twitter) or some hacker messing around. It might be wise in future to give people some kind of notification especially after they’ve supported Diaspora for a long time and promoted it (something I won’t be doing anymore). Pod censorship is pathetic when there are block buttons for everyone who disagrees with someone’s work. Diaspora right now seems no different to Twitter and the rest of the liberals censoring opposition off the web. This has all the hallmarks of pure censorship but what more can I expect from a pod which censored any hashtags tied to the illness ‘fibromyalgia’ which was highly suspicious in itself.

I’ve just noticed it’s saying the account has been closed? I never closed this account


Podmins closing or removing accounts has nothing to do with censorship. If podmins decide to remove an account because of a violation of their terms, that’s them showing you the door. By design, diaspora* is a decentralized network, so if you don’t agree with terms of specific pods, host your own.

That being said, this is not joindiaspora’s support tracker and the pod has nothing to do with the project team at all, as pointed out on their index page. An individual pod’s issues and decisions do not belong here. Since you already sent an email to the podmin, wait for a reply.