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Two decentralized networks should be able to properly sync. I know this has been worked on but never made it into the main codebase.

Sure no question, I’ll link some related discussion.

This highly depends on
Also this discussion should be in the federation subgroup IMO. Gonna request a “move discussion” feature I guess…

Old attempt:

Sure, federation done properly would be awesome for the network

OStatus in general, of course.

I think this is less about federating with StatusNet instances, and more about setting up a way to post to one’s own StatusNet account via the Publisher. In theory, all you really have to do is create an omniauth gem for StatusNet. Last I checked, SN offers a Twitter-like API.

I have a really rough WIP one for identica that I was working on, so it might provide some kind of starting point to support general StatusNet installations. You can check it out here:

Also, take a look here for a general guide:

Of course, if we want to actually federate with StatusNet, Evan from the project has expressed willingness to sit down and work side-by-side with someone to get OStatus compliance working in our app. See the conversation here:

Sounds like the key people are all willing to help, contribute and provide. All that’s missing is a key dev from what I read. Someone capable with time on their hands willing to do the job?