Add limit to the number of contacts

Because of recent problems in some pods, I think it’s important to put a limit on the number of contacts a user can do, a limit per minute, hour, day and an absolute limit, also a communications protocol with users whose behavior may affect the operation of the system or pod.

Is it possible to set these limits from the pod?

Sorry about my english.

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I think for some people this won’t work… as I have ~400 contacts myself and know people with 1400+ contacts. :slight_smile:

Yes, but the problem is to prevent thousands of contacts made ​​on a day that shot down the system

Is this not an issue with the infrastructure of the pod in question?

I have more friends on diaspora than my twitter and facebook combined. I am against this thing of having a lmit.

@juansantiago did you see a case where more than 1000 contacts were added in one day?

I have ~1500 contacts and it works perfectly fine on geraspora. :wink: I guess that’s some contacts but it is still nothing compared to the “big” accounts, diaspora hq, geraspora team, etc. those however did not add “thousands of contacts” within a day but over years.
I don’t like the idea of a limit in general, but if one needs it I’d vote for a limit per minute, hour or day, but NOT an absolute limit.

I’d like to hear from podmins about whether there is actually a problem when users have a high number of contacts before thinking about setting any kind of limit. Otherwise we might be trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist by imposing an unnecessary restriction on users.

I agree that if a limit needs to be set to restrict bots/spammers, a limit on number of contacts added per minute/hour would make more sense than an absolute limit.

@Flaburgan yes, and the user was expelled from joindiaspora and for causing huge overhead to servers, ok I agree in no absolute limit, but I insist on putting limits per minute, hour, day.

If needed no prblem to name the famous person.

@Ricos Kavanagh No, not only that, traffic problems generated by interconnections between pods