Add Mailvelope support

Although diaspora* supports encrypted communication, it is no real end-to-end encryption. Mailvelope is a browser plugin available for Chrome and Firefox which makes e2e encryption easy to use. Mailvelope uses PGP encrypted messages and is completely transparent to diaspora* as the messages are saved and federated like every other message. To enable Mailvelope support in posts and private messages, however, some auxilary coding in diaspora* is required. This is an optional feature, so people are not required to use Mailvelope when they don’t want to use e2e encryption.

What do you think abou that feature? Should it be implemented?

For end-to-end encryption please see

For encryption in general please see Encryption in Diaspora

Please search for existing topics before opening new ones. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Steffen,

I already read the other topics, but they are about integration of e2e encryption directly into diaspora. Mailvelope, however, is an external tool which does not require much changes in diaspora. In fact, we don’t have to change any backend code here, it is only some auxilary code at the frontend required. Key management, encryption and decryption is done by Mailvelope (which may use gnome-keyring or other key storages on the client system)