Add Persona Log in to Diaspora

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Proposal: Add Persona Log in to Diaspora

Persona (was called BrowserID) is a system powered by Mozilla which allow you to link your browser with e-mail addresses. See and

You need to log once, and you’re logged on every web-site which implements Persona. (Better than OpenID !)

I think that if we put Persona on Diaspora, it will be very powerful to provide support to users. We can offer a forum, a platform for suggestion, etc and nobody need to subscribe on each web site. And if we talk about it to developers, maybe can implement it too.

I already deploy it on some web site, it is REALLY simple. 30 lines, maximum.

Think the non-multiplication of accounts is a requirement to have a real participation of all the community.

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Interesting, OpenID is good but have some disadvantages. I will read some about this “persona” and then I will get back.

Does it work with Opera, Chrome and other browsers? :slight_smile:

Altruism : Of course ! Everything Mozilla makes work on every platform :wink:

The web site just have to do a POST request to the Mozilla server, and parse the JSON answer to know if the user is log in or not. I can do it really easily.

I will read the

I’m always pro-‘everything that makes it more interoperable’.
I think the best way to get this integrated would be a plugin for the devise gem…

Florian : I really know NOTHING about Ruby, I don’t know what a gem is, but if you look at this example of implementation you will see that it is something really small.

There’s an OmniAuth strategy for BrowserID, assuming nothing has changed except the name, it should work with Persona.

We’re already using OmniAuth for Twitter and Facebook account linking anyway, might as well use it to its full potential.

Steven : the process of the JSON is really simple to do with any programming language (I did it using Java, Ruby can do it easily too.)

@Flaburgan Yeah, I see there are plugins for Drupal and Wordpress too… none for MediaWiki but that wouldn’t be too hard to do.

Even better than the OmniAuth strategy, I see that there’s a Devise plugin for this and it’s written by a Diaspora contributor/podmin. :slight_smile:

There is probably a plugin for MediaWiki somewhere, I’ll search (I’m a Mozilla contributor)

Mozilla Dev answer : “there isn’t one yet. I tried to write one and ran into the problem that media wiki does not support querying its user database by email, this is because an email is not required to access an account. I asked a Wikipedia developer about this and he said there were no plans to add it and that if I wanted that functionality, I would have to write it - of which I did not have time.”

got the drupal module enabled, please try

When i enter my credentials the redirect target is not found.

Cannot try, I get an error when I try to load the page in Chrome. Notice: Undefined variable: default_container_width in include() (line 16 of /var/www/vhosts/d7_themes/beta/templates/page.tpl.php)

Should I try another browser?

Is Persona safe? How do Mozilla manage my data?

Persona ToS and PP:

An unknown error occurred while attempting to validate your BrowserID login. After clicking “OK,” you will be redirected …
with FF and chromium

groove LOGGING OFF for a few hours cu

Cu later Groove! You did a great job today.

Altruism - if some log in feature is added no one forces you to use it :slight_smile: So voting should be based on whether this would make D* more better and accessible - not on personal usage patterns :slight_smile: