Add smileys support?

I was thinking it would be cool to replace some common signs by smileys in posts and comments. It’s an easy thing to implement and it can add some coolness to the UI. Don’t you think ?

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I think no.


I also think no.

Aww, I wasn’t aware this created such a debate.
But the idea of @flaburgan seem good, though, I mean place a table of UTF-8 smileys ?

To be honest, one of the thing that concerns me a bit is that Jappix Mini has a smileys auto-replacement. It would definitely break the unity of the d* user interface if the user could use smileys-replacement in the chat and not in the rest of d*. So, should we definitely take this feature out the chat, or adapt it in all d* ?

It would definitely break the unity of the d* user interface if the user could use smileys-replacement in the chat and not in the rest of d*

iirc facebook does that. But yeah, we probably don’t need emoticon in the chat too.

Do you mean that we need emoticons (text-based) rather than smileys (graphical) in the chat?

I mean nothing. I just think that emoticons in chat is a very important feature and we can’t suppress it and that it looks more professionnal if we have the same features in the publisher, the comments, the messages and the chat.

But we can only have text-based emoticons. I just wonder if it wouldn’t be a problem for browser that don’t use UTF-8 (IE, maybe ?)

My comment was addressed to Fla’s “But yeah, we probably don’t need emoticon in the chat too” - apologies that wasn’t clear enough.

This is a hot topic for sure debate wise, but as this product goes I think there may be more important features that need to be added. Don’t get me wrong smileys are great, but I am not sold on it yet…

My complaint with the way that most smilies are implemented is that when I type a colon and a right paren, I want it to appear as a colon and a right paren…I don’t want it to automatically get converted into a graphic. Want to insert UTF-8 smilies? Sure, why not. How about a table of images you can select from that get inserted inline? Cool beans.

I want to be able to still make ASCII smilies, though. And I don’t want TL;DR to turn into TL(winky-grin face)R.

It would be good to have user settings both to ‘Turn my emoticons into smileys’ (ON/OFF) and ‘Replace smileys with emoticons’ (ON/OFF). That way, each person can choose both whether text-emoticons they enter get turned into smileys, and also whether smileys created by other users are displayed in their streams.

My problem with emoticons is mainly a design based one, they usually don’t blend in very good with interfaces. If the design is done properly and there are clear options for enabling/disabling them I’m totally OK with them.

Hm, the browsers’ inter pixel rendering differ a lot, I tried to design some graphical emoticons using html/css but the results were different with zoom levels and browsers. Maybe in the bright future of web technologies :wink:

@goob A lot of services use emojis now. These are symbols that can be copy-pasted into a field either manually by the user or from a pop-up menu. They can be displayed in “plain” form or replaced by a graphic. I have successfully copy-pasted most of these into a text editor (Geany), which indicates that they are compatible with any service or system utilizing modern character sets.
:smile: :smiley: :grinning: :blush: :slight_smile: :wink: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :flushed: :grin: :pensive: :relieved: :unamused: :disappointed: :persevere: :cry: :joy: :sob: :sleepy: :disappointed_relieved: :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile: :sweat: :weary:

Which of my comments is that a reply to? It doesn’t seem to match any of my comments.

ps: I bloody hate emoji.

@goob I was replying to your last comment. Anyway, if you don’t want to see emojis, they would be incredibly easy to filter out, because they’re just characters.

OK, thanks. That wasn’t clear.

I realise I personally can filter out characters, or images from a certain source, by using browser extensions and the like (which I already do). However, I think if Diaspora chooses to support smileys, it should also offer users an easy way to disable them from their streams from within Diaspora’s own UI. That was the point I was making.

@goob Oh, sure, I agree. Users should be able to turn off features that they don’t like. Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that.

No problem. We’ve understood each other in the end!

Currently, there’s already a kind of smiley support in the publisher. “<3”, for exmple is translated to :heart: