Add support for events in diaspora

Events should be implemented well in order to encourage upkeep from facebook users who currently find it all too convenient to use. Events should include ical and .ics support AND the facility to invite non-diaspora members (adding their email addresses - it would send an email invite complete with .ics attachment to the recipients - maybe even inviting facebook members) would allow diaspora to be used for organisation of realworld events - and could be done in such a way as to raise awareness to those being invited to events of what diaspora does.

If this could be done in a way so as to include a calendar with good functionality (ical support, adding other webcalendars, adding private events), even better - it could offer users an alternative to google calendar, offering an incentive for people to use diaspora even though the network effect continues to work in facebook’s favour.

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Interesting idea. If we allow open invitation to Diaspora events, we don’t need to federate access to them. We simply use Diaspora accounts in place of emails in the invite list. So people’s invite list could look like: [“”, "", ""], etc. Only people with the private share link would be allowed to see the event page, and events will not be tracked by search engines. Each person’s calendar of events they’ve joined would be stored on their pod alone, and simply point to external event page links that point to the pod of origin.

@tomscott That sounds like a reasonable approach to me. Would that cause problems for further invites though (invited members could potentially send invites to whoever they wanted (sharing the link) and the events creator might not have any control over this option?

I think it would also be good to have public events, that anybody could join or search for.

@nick I thinks shared link should be connected to the email address it’s been sent to, so clicking on that link they would act as they were a person that’s been sent this email. More - if you want an event to be private, you send invitations to people you trust, and they won’t pass it on.

Maybe just make this functionality part of posts anyway? LIke there is the location-thing – why not add a time-thing and an “invite other via email” button to posts in general?

@macieklozinski - I’d be up for that yep.

@maltedik - I think extending post functionality might be a good way of doing this and would be up for the invite other by email button for post-creators, but having a time on all posts would be pretty confusing?

Now federation has moved forwards a bit, is there any chance of events happening? Do I need to create a proposal/decision for this? I’m not sure how loomio decision get translated into what-is-to-be-done for diaspora

How to invite friends to events? Do you invite everybody who follows you even if you don’t follow back, who follows you and you follow back or who you follow even if you are not followed back?

I would love to see federated listings of public events with tags/cities/etc (sort of like federated,open gig-guides across multiple sites) … been wanting to get that happening since the mid 90s.!..

but it is a somewhat different events project to a personal calendar (which is also nice to have - though I think it is probably better to have them separate with import/export/etc) - obviously ical feeds and other calendar-related functionality is useful in both…

-if anyone here is interested in something like this (in any platform) please get in touch! - I’m still keen to get something happening .(in a practical sense - as in lets make something!)

Something like this needs to be implemented AFTER the API is completed (at least in its simplest form).

Public and private events can be the same function, just needs to have a privacy setting ie Personal, x Aspect, Public.

I think it would be good for a fair bit of thought to be put into how this is implemented, tagging it on to a post seems like it could potentially be a botch job. Events would need to work with federation from the start otherwise it’s use would be very limited.

@robinstentoutreach You put it very nice…completely agree. Let’s push this thing further, the event feature needs our support.

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