Adding New contacts on Mobile

Hey ya’ll! Is there any movement to make adding new contacts easier in mobile view?? Very frustrating and super limiting for folks to not be able to do this BASIC action.

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Yes, but not enough people to work on the mobile version. If you can attract anyone to help with this effort, please do!

Good idea! Hope this stuff attracts enough decision and we can pass a resolution on it.

@karthikeyanak There’s no resolution to be passed, unless you know of a group of people who believe that it shouldn’t be possible to add contacts in the mobile version. Ass far as I’m aware everyone would like this function to be made possible, and it’s only a lack of developers willing to work on the mobile version which is holding up its implementation. No amount of discussion or voting is going to change how long it takes to be implemented; only attracting more people to code for the project will do that.