Adding Plugins to Diaspora

Plugins could be a great way to encourage further development on Diaspora while releasing core developers from having to maintain every feature in use in the ecosystem.

My question is, has anyone created designs or is anyone familiar with how best to add plugins to a system like Diaspora? I see in RubyOnRails that some use Engines to accomplish what’s done in plugins but have also heard of Railties.

For my part, I’d like to create a system where features can be more easily turned on or off and a plugin would seem to make sense for this, at least in the case where some new feature is going to be turned on.


Hello @weex and thank you for your interest. Right now the development of diaspora* is pretty slow so I don’t think a plugin system, which looks like a big task, is going to be added soon. However, in the next major release, diaspora* will provide an API, which is very useful for developers if they want to build some kind of simpler interface.
The only last blocker for that next release is to provide a UI to the migration feature, so if you want to help on that topic, you’re welcome!

Thanks @flaburgan. I’ll take a closer look at the API and at the migration UI.

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I am already getting excited about the next major release.