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Like any other interactive site, Diaspora should be dynamic. What to know about a new message in the dialogues need to refresh the page, or check e-mail. This is just one example.
At the moment, it is worth thinking about dynamically loadable data. On the rails platform to do it is not even difficult. Suggest a poll to find out what the need of this functional.
Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

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Proposal: Ajax is needed right now?

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 5
  • Abstain: 3
  • No: 3
  • Block: 1

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The important thing is: Is there anyone willing to implement this and can this be done in a way to have the additional load imposed on the server minimal / the feature optional for pods with very few ressources.

Facebook use slow requests, but it requires some web server settings and not easy. I think that is enough to make a request for updates at intervals using JavaScript

I don’t think we need this poll. We are already porting parts of the website to backbone.js which renders everything on the client side and makes it much easier to dynamically load new data.

We already have a few issues on github:
are just two examples.

There are also some discussions here on loomio:

I don’t think we need to open another thread about this and I especially think that we don’t need another proposal.

The pod Diaspora.net.gr (now does not work ok) hab a script that displays updates on the top bar.

This is the group loomio https://www.loomio.org/g/bT8IoW0k/diaspora-net-gr pod, the podmin is Manolis

I think we need accelerate this process. My friends who do not work in IT and do not know how to construct sites inside, they say that they lack the this “little things”. And do not want to use the Diaspora, of course

As Steffen says, this functionality has been worked on for some time and is already slowly being implemented, so there’s no need for a further discussion or vote at this point.

Think about the security improvement.

wow such idea

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why right this second? Does the project post what each milestone is (.5 .6, .7, .8 etc) vs just randomly adding features? maybe something is needed in .6 first that AJAX development would be duplicated if it was moved around.

I don’t think backbone is good. One must try to stick with Rails way.