API Discussion

I wanted to address one of the elephants in the room, that is, the lack of documented APIs as used by Diaspora.

When we say API, usually people think of “Third-party client API”, but in reality we could probably carve out several distinctive APIs for different purposes. It’s worth noting that for some of these APIs, a proper system of authentication is a must.

I’ve started a speculative document focusing primarily on what these different APIs could be, and would love to see some community and developer feedback on how we can take things further.

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I don’t really see the point in spending a lot effort into this right now since https://www.loomio.org/discussions/3834 is unsolved and a requirement for pretty much anything in this direction.

We are working on implementing system proposed in the discussion there. Please forgive our slow progress. Our exams are coming to an end in couple of weeks, so we will be able to brush up what we have currently. And maybe make an early pull request? or show you our work for a review. I think we can present you our implementation of the authentication part in couple of weeks.

About this discussion, I believe it is ok to have some draft specification of the APIs to begin with, probably putting only some small effort and time.

@arunaherath personally, I’d have no problem if you’d send us a pull request with what you have right now.
we’ve had so many long-running PRs and it’s really no problem for us. also makes it easier if anyone wants to jump in and help you in some way or the other.