App: facilitate transition from FB

As it stands,it takes a lot of motivation and time investment by early adopters to organize a transition to D*.

I recently made an infographic (hosted here: where I propose everyone makes a D* account and leave it dormant until all their friends join, and then switch at once.

The problem is, there’s no directory of your FB friends on D* or automatic tools to rebuild your social network.

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Proposal: FB app to facilitate migration

  1. If you have a D* account, you could authenticate your account. Otherwise, the app shows you a list of available pods, and helps you make an account with your FB credentials.

  2. The app would then keep a directory of your FB contacts, which ones have a D address, and which ones don’t. You can choose to invite friends to the app.

  3. As your FB friends make accounts, your D* account automatically shares to their accounts.

  4. Finally, once you reach a certain threshold percentage of friends on D*, it could send out a notification to everyone letting them know.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 1
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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There’s already a (really old) issue regarding migration from Facebook to d*.

I don’t this proposition controversial (thus I don’t really see the need for a vote). The only thing is, while your proposition looks reasonnable and senseful, it looks also highly complex and we’re lacking motivated developers :frowning:

I think my proposal is unique. The issue you linked is talking about importing your FB data whereas this proposal is about importing your contact network.

@richarddecal there is no point in creating proposals before any discussion happens. Proposals are for making a decision, not for discussing.

@jasonrobinson Sorry, I’m new here. So I’m supposed to propose to make a proposal? Wouldn’t comment sections become a jumbled mess without threaded conversations?

@richarddecal no one has really engaged in discussion yet, so there is not much that can be voted on :slight_smile:

TBH, really, someone can just do this. No one here needs to “approve it”. Open source works in a way that people do things they want, without asking. Go for it :slight_smile:

@jasonrobinson Ok, I didn’t know “proposals” meant “final decision” on Loomio, I thought they meant I make a suggestion and get feedback.

Also, not all participants in the open source community are web devs, and even if I was, I’d want to get feedback first (otherwise, what’s the point of this Loomio?).

Sure, you are welcome to open discussion. I was just saying that there is no need to vote, imho :slight_smile: We usually resolve to voting when some people disagree on something.

Hi, this is a good idea so me, I hope someone would know and have the time to do that ! (but maybe FB won’t like it and will block it ?).

there is also a more simple solution : Add an “*” after your name on facebook (if this is possible, but maybe this is not easy or limited) or better in the avatar image directly (but this might be difficult for some user ? Maybe a webapp for this ?).