Ask for a RubyMine free license

(Augier) #61

I’m sorry to say @rolandhaeder, that your arguments are completely irrelevant.

Even if the compagny got mad, what is the problem? We would just stop using RM. We are not bound to any specific IDE. We just give away free licenses that JetBrains granted us. That’s all.

You are not developer, are you? If you are not, then I think you just should not talk about this subject because really you are talking about something you obviously don’t know. Either what RubyMine is, nor what IntelliJ is.

(Benjamin Neff) #62

My license will expire in 7 days too, so I need a new one.

(Augier) #63

Mine too. Now RubyMine forces me to press a “continue evaluation” button :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jason Robinson) #64

Gooooood news, license is here! Or was many days ago, I’ve just been too busy. Damn work has gone ballistic. Anyway, we have 5 license keys. Right now that means me, Faldrian, Augier and SuperTux88 - no one else has asked for one yet. One key remains.

Check your email soon for the key.

(Augier) #65

Thanks for taking care !