Aspect and group

Dear friende,
i am new in diaspora and discourse/diaspora therefore please be tolerant if i don’t find the correct formulation and place for asking. But first, i thank you very much for your working and time for our independent communication spaces.

I am part of a small group and we start to act in diaspora as group. Near all members are new in diaspora.

In the wiki ( i found:

“Are aspects like ‘groups’?
No. Sharing in diaspora* is asymmetrical. This means that the people you have placed in an aspect may not have placed you or each other into an equivalent aspect in their accounts, and may not be sharing with each other at all. For an aspect to work as a group, each member would have to be connected to every other member and to have placed every other member into one aspect. Group functionality is not something that diaspora*’s software supports at the moment, and it would be difficult for anyone to run an effective group using aspects. We do hope to add group functionality in the future, so watch this space!”

In our discussion i come to this logic:
aspects: create a thematical space based on users
tags: create a thematical space in public

Clear, the reality is very different. Some friends with more knowledge about the diaspora logic told, that the post after sending lost the aspect-assignment,

The first experience with the inconsistent logic (for me!) i had, that old posts from a member in our group in the last year we can see in our group because it was assigned to public.

In the wiki the autors write there is no way to create groups based on aspects. But the developer group of diaspora maybe will implement it. But on what basic logic definitions?

I, for me, use some preconditions for my orientation. Maybe you use others.

  • the objects in diaspora are the posts and not the users
  • the posts are identified user/aspects
  • public is an aspect without without limitation
  • “all aspect” is an aspect inside the user-list without limitation

The problems in the documentation is, that it start on the frontend. I know, many people like and need this. But all discussions after some time and experience come to the inner logic of the terms. To understand the process results we have to understand the logic of the implementors.

Maybe, this theme and questions are not object in the support group. Jan( wrote me, this here is the starting place also for the users of diaspora to understand better the diaspora functionality.

with thanks and greeting, willi
in this time: Asuncion, Paraguay

Dear friends, i found now a very similar discussion in the thread:
“Show prior private posts to newly-added user” here in the support theme.

Dear friends, i have another question to this theme.

Friendica use the group-functionality in her documentation. Do you know about, his extension and limitations?