Aspect button not working

I cannot select aspects to send posts to…when I click the aspect button it just posts my post. The same thing happens in my Profile/Account for the default aspect. the drop-down just refreshes/saves the page.
I’m using Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 on Ubuntu 17.10
Pop-Up blocker has diaspora whitelisted not that this should make a difference. do not think any other add-ons would effect it. All help welcome!!

Privacy Badger is usually the ‘culprit’ when something doesn’t work as expected in Diaspora in my case. It’s usually remote content such as images from a remote pod that I’ve not yet whitelisted, but it’s worth checking if it is installed. I can’t imagine it could affect only one aspect of the site’s performance, but see if it’s doing anything. Any ad-blocking add-on could be affecting something as well.

It can be worth trying it with all add-ons disabled, then enable them one by one to identify which if any of them is affecting this. Thankfully it’s no longer necessary to restart Firefox to enable/disable many add-ons…

Good luck.

Thanks goob,
I have PB installed so will do as you suggest and disable all and re-activate to see, I’ll post any success for anyone in the future.

Privacy Badger was OK turned out to be the Pop-Up blocker - “Poper Blocker” disabling for the site did not work, but disabling the plug-in completely cleared up the problem, I have sent a bug-fix request to them.
Thank you for your help

You’re welcome. Glad you got it working!