Autofollow and New Member Message Not Working

Set this up earlier today when I did my upgrade to the newest version. Three new users have joined, no welcome message, and no auto-follow conducted.

Have you restarted diaspora and sidekiq after you changed the config?


I did not restart sidekiq but I did restart the web service. I just restarted sidekiq though, let’s see how that goes. Although this seems to be taking a long time, or it’s just using a significant amount of resources O.o

all good now! Resource usage is now normal, just gonna have to wait for a new user to join the site before I see if it worked :slight_smile: <3 Thanks man!!

@shawneric you could set up a test account to see if this works, and delete it afterwards. That would save the nail-biting wait for a ‘real’ new user!


Seems to work, except I see no welcome message? Should I see welcome messages?

You shouldn’t, but newly registered users should. If they don’t, please make sure

If you’ve checked all that, restarted sidekiq and diaspora, and new registrations still receive no welcome message, I’d ask you to share your diaspora.yml with us. Please paste the entire contents to or another paste service - but please make sure to strip out private information like the SMTP credentials and auth tokens for external services. Sometimes, indentations get wrong in yml files, and we’re trained at spotting that. :wink: