Automate some processes with JenkinsCI

Lets talk about something I have been playing with recently. CI or continous integration software like travisCI is meant to automate redundant processes and in general make things easier.

TravisCI though is only meant to run tests, however recently I have started working with Jenkins which allows custom jobs. Those jobs can be anything from more testing, automatic branch “feature” tagging and versioning, to deployment.

There are a couple tasks I was thinking Jenkins may be useful right off the top of my head. One task would be automatically deploying Joindiaspora whenever a new version is pushed or a change to the JD’ branch. Another task would be automated sync’s to the Launchpad PPA, among other things…

Discuss. :slight_smile:

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First off all, how is deployed is not our business. Entirely automatic deployment in general is not always a good idea, there might need specials things that need to be done with the next deploy. AFAIK the common setup is having some sort of automatism for regular deploys that is triggered by a dev or sysadmin.

For tests Travis beats everything because you don’t need to maintain it. Period.

Since we do releases now, tagging of green builds is not really necessary anymore.

For the automated sync to Launchpad I could write you a small Sinatra or whatever app that listens to a Github post-recieve hook in, I guess, one or two hours, not sure if maintaining a whole Jenkins is really needed for that :wink:

Yeah, if you want to get some kind of CI set up with, just shoot Maxwell an email. :slight_smile: