Automating Diaspora* deploy with vagrant/puppet and capistrano

Hi guys,
I’ve developed a project that uses Vagrant/Puppet to help us to deploy a full diaspora* environment, for both development or production purpose.

You can find this project here:

In the README you will find all informations to start a development environment, or simulate a production enviroment. Furthermore if you already know about vagrant and puppet, you can use this project for real production server.

There a are a lot of thing to do, yet. I would like to receive some feedback and work with you to improve this project :slight_smile:


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Sounds awesome, all I can really say, never really getting to know Vagrant or Capistrano yet. More good deployment options we have the merrier.

How does it btw handle git - development should ideally clone the users fork, production use the main repository master by default - is there some way to set this up? Had a quick look but didn’t immediately recognize anything.

Any objections to moving this discussion to the packaging subgroup?

Also, it would be nice to have this option mentioned in our wiki installation guides. Maybe we should have a new box on the installation guides page ( - since these kind of packaging methods are not tied to a single platform (Linux at least).

Moving to packaging with superduper admin powers :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,
I’m planning to write a complete guide on the official wiki. But I’m waiting for some feedback before. So, I’m available to hangout with you to explain better this project and understand how it can be improved. Furthermore, I want to take a virtual server on digitalOcean to do some test of production environment deploy. In this way we can obtain more useful informations to improve the wiki. Let me know if we can organize an hangout :wink:

Hi guys, I’m searching for someone that can help me to do a deploy test for AWS/EC2. Is there someone that can help me? I haven’t a AWS/EC2.

I’ve wrote the wiki page about the project:

Красавчик, буду пробовать.

@alextriam English please?

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