Best approach to my put feature on diaspora

Hi diaspora team and contributors, I’m coming from github with my question and I started looking for diaspora some weeks ago.
I’m trying to understand the whole ecosystem to do only the changes that is needed.
My main feature is a kind of user pages, each page should allow to create posts and other user can comment the posts.
The user can add other contributors to creating new posts on his page. These page can be associated with a place. Then we’re thinking about associate each page with a profile through a person to use the same address from person.

By the way, we’re just at our first look at diaspora and you’re the masters. I’m implementing these features and testing the diaspora at all, but I really don’t know if it’s the best road map under my decision.


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Hi Jônatas,

Getting a feature into Diaspora is fairly straightforward:

  1. Tell people what you’re working on. Emailing the Diaspora-Dev mailing list and making a post on D* using the #Diaspora hashtag are two good ways to get started. Some of the people that respond might give some helpful feedback or ideas.

  2. Develop your code. Let people know about the progress you’ve made, and maybe someone will help you test it. Keep people in the loop as to what new cool things you’ve done with your code.

  3. Include tests. It’s good to include tests with the code that you submit, so that we can minimize code regressions.

  4. Make a pull request on GitHub to our Develop branch. Be sure to include screenshots of your changes. Other devs can give you feedback on how your code looks, and help point out any issues.

  5. If you’re making a big feature that’s going to affect how Diaspora works in a significant way, it’s a good idea to consider opening up a thread discussion on under our “Feature Discussion” section. This allows us to consider any outstanding issues on a feature in development and come up with a game plan on what to do.

Step 3b) Get in touch with your local pod admin and have the code running at his pod. If you don’t find someone who wants to run it on their pod, it’s certainly not ready for the main diaspora branch.

Or better - run your own pod. It will make you understand how things work better and also give a nice playground to test the code providing it is running in production type of mode so that you actually use it :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s apparently not super hard to set up a basic test pod on Heroku. If you need to test it live on the web, that might not be a bad place to test it without having to deal with too much setup.

Kind of ran out of patience with Heroku personally, but it is great if you don’t have access to a VPS.

But as for using it for anything else - totally not worth the hassle, much easier to set up and tune a pod on a VPS than Heroku. We spent hours and hours trying to tune our team pod on Heroku to work well and nothing seemed to help and no help was available, even from Heroku support. Now it’s on a VPS and blazing fast.