Best practice after install Diaspora pod

Hi all, lets start with the i am #newhere tag… :wink:
I just installed the diaspora pod software on my server. It is a basic install and I was wondering if there are any “best practices” after getting a pod up and running.
BTW, my instance is running at and for now it is ‘free for all’.
I am unsure if I want to become specialised in some kind of topic.
Anyway, my personal interests are in #opensource #opencontent #ediucation and #nethserver

any pointers and/or links to more info are appreciated.
best regards,

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Hi Rob,

First I’d say to check your SSL certificate as it’s not updated for and my browser is going nuts about the insecure connection :wink:

Then, you’ll just want to make sure Sidekiq is running well (at, that you don’t have 100% of the events failing. Keep an eye on Sidekiq processes RAM consumption if you have low ram on your server, we had stories about them leaking memory.

Also take a look at your MySQL configuration (ideally your InnoDB buffer size should be the size of your data set), but as you just started it, you won’t have much issues with it. I like this little script to monitor and tweak my conf settings (

Check if your messages are getting shared on another pods and answered… and basically you’re good to go!

Hi @ruth
thnx for the quick reply. I will update the lets encrypt certs on my server. The other services running do have a valid cert.
sidekiq is running just fine. RAM is not really an issue. The VPS I have the pod running on has 12GB of RAM and lots a unused…

I have the pod running on #nethserver and followed the install howto a friend of mine wrote:
He mainly used the howto in the diaspora wiki and added some nethserver specific extra’s. NethServer is CentOS 7 based.

Are there any other things to think of? Like changing the landing page? Should I “specialize” in a certain topic for my pod? Is there a way to avoid users that spread illegal or other unwanted content? (not that I have seen any so far since I use diaspora)

I saw some extra’s like adding connectivity with twitter, FB, tumblr and wordpress. Are there other options that can be added? I am unsure if I want to add those services, but it would be good to know what is possible.

Besides the report system in place, I’m not sure there’s another way of actively avoiding users spreading unwanted content.
Having a lot of connected services might help people want to choose your pod, depending of which services they use, but there’s something to know about the FB connection, it’s broken since August and it’s likely that Dispora will remove the option soon (FB has changed lots of things about posting).

There is a reason to use Diaspora instead of FB anyway so (IMHO) it’s not a huge loss to have to do without FB… :wink:

I thought I did see an XMPP service for a few pods mentioned on That could be interesting to add…

I’m not sure if it will be helpful for you, but I’ll just mention the FAQ for pod maintainers on the wiki in case it is.

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@ruth the SSL issue has been solved on my pod. I have a valid letsencrypt certificate running now for the subdomain.
I also get some activity in my stream now. Just looking for some more accounts and topics to follow.
What I am finding a bit strange is that although I am following some topics, I do not get all the messages in my stream with those topics tagged. Do I only get the messages of the accounts I follow?
It would be nice if all the topics in my interestlist are also coming to my stream. Or is there still something I need to tweak to make that happen?