Bitnami cloud demo instances - blog post

So finally tried the Bitnami demo instances today, well, by accident really almost :smiley: They have this Twitter app (= advert) where you click a button and it launches a fresh diaspora* server on Amazon (shudder) - and emails you when it’s ready. It comes with an admin user so you can log in and play around.

I know many feel bad about mentioning companies and stuff (because they are evil and all), but I really feel we’re missing out on lots of promotion if we don’t allow mentioning commercial companies when promoting diaspora* (well we do already anyway, Unixstickers, for example).

I strongly think if some commercial company is using diaspora* and thus promoting it and thus making our network + developer base grow - then we should not hold back in using these opportunities for promotion.

The Bitnami demo instances would make a great blog post + other social media promotion, to get some people to try one out. Plus it is significant that a commercial company is offering ‘diaspora* as a service’ - I think these kind of things need to be mentioned by our outreach team.

TL;DR - I want to make a blog post about the diaspora* Bitnami instances and push that out via our social channels. If someone opposes, I’ll create a vote about it.

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I have no problem with mentioning commercial services, but I think we should stop short of recommending or promoting any particular one. And none of that awful ‘our friends/partners at’ stuff…

Fine to mention Bitnami in a blog post, but I think it might be better to consider doing a blog post on the different ways you can try installing and running a pod, naming the various methods, of which Bitnami is one (which can be used to ‘try it out’), rather than a blog post devoted to Bitnami, which would seem like recommending that method.

+1 for goob. No problem to mention companies, but promote one is not really fine.

Btw, do they deploy the last diaspora* version? I remember that we answered them “we will talk about you when you’ll give us a demo account” months ago.

I remember that we answered them “we will talk about you when you’ll give us a demo account” months ago.

That was another company,

In our discussion about Bitnami, we decided:

We have a link to these installers on our wiki, but will not promote the Bitnami installers further than this.

So I think, as I said above, it would be best to do a blog post on all the ways to install diaspora, or all the tools which can make installation either, rather than featuring Bitnami in particular.

I agree with Goob !
It’s no bd idea to relate what isdone with D* by others, but it shouldn’t look like a avertising or an agreement to only one.

I don’t think there’s any problem with posting a blog that’s just about a company who are offering a way to install D* because it’s news related to the project. When there’s a development in other ways to install a pod, a post can be made about that. Like others say, as long as it doesn’t come across as too promotional I think it’s fine.

There is already other way to have diaspora* “in the cloud” no? Like, with OpenShift for example. We should make a list of all those solutions and then write a blogpost of those which work nicely :slight_smile: