Blocked Account

Hi, my name is Rolando
I’d like to know how to recover a blocked account

What pod were you on? What was your username? and my username is: rolarizpe

Please send an email to the administrator of at :slight_smile:

Alright, i’m going to send the email

I just realized you asked the same question on every IRC channel. Since your account is not blocked, but deleted, there is no way you can get it back, as you’ve been told on IRC…

@denschub We should add a deletion flag to the profiles table instead of physically delete the profile. This makes recovering accidentally deleted accounts easier.

Let’s try to keep the discussion in a single thread: Deletion flag instead of physical deletion

I have same problem
I´m going to joindiaspora where I get message that I have blocked account

as I know I made registration on server but I don´t know how I can contact this admin

Do you have a working Diaspora account currently? If so, you could try contacting the podmin, whose Diaspora ID is (that’s not a valid email address as far as I know).

If you don’t currently have a working Diaspora account, let me know and I’ll try to contact them and ask them to get in touch with you on this thread.