Blocked proposals

If we’re going to have a ‘block’ for ‘I’m really against this’, shouldn’t we have an equivalent on the positive side? So either yes/abstain/no or force/yes/abstain/no/block. Otherwise it’s unbalanced.

I’d say remove the ‘block’ feature and just have yes/abstain/no - people can express the strength of their feelings in comments. If a ‘block’ carries more weight than an ordinary no vote, it’s in effect giving some people more than one vote. If you have this facility on one side of the vote, you need it on the other, positive side.

@Goob, I think the block vote is built into the tool. I don’t know that we can remove it.

I don’t think a block vote is meant to be anything other than a vote. Each vote has a different weight. The Loom team is expanding this to be more than an up/down vote by giving two more extra choices. You could think of the “Abstain” vote as the counter to a “Block” vote.

So what I think you want is already there.