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(Sean Tilley) #1

We have a blog built into the project site, but only one entry at the moment.

I’m of the mentality that there’s actually quite a bit going on in Diaspora development on a day-to-day basis: new features, code improvements, design improvements, new volunteers, and new tools that support Diaspora.

Would it be useful to start blogging about these things regularly?

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(goob) #2

Hey Sean, yes absolutely. I started a discussion about this in the Outreach subgroup:

I intended to get the blogging started again, but I haven’t managed to - a combination of lack of energy and lack of ideas. It would be great to get things started again, so will help in any way I can.

(Sean Tilley) #3

I’d be interested in helping out with it. I still watch GitHub emails about pull requests and issue discussions, so it’s somewhat easy to follow along and keep some kind of narrative going about what’s going on.

Maybe a regular cycle for posting should be hammered out? Something simple, like one or two posts a week?

(diasp_eu) #4

(Ivan Gabriel Morén) #5

I don’t have any access to the blog, so I haven’t been able to write anything. I have been playing a little with the css of it, imo it looks horrible right now. Guess those things will come with a potential redesign as discussed in another thread though.

@sean: Maybe Diaspora Monthly or Weekly? We could make a cute little header svg :wink:

(Jason Robinson) #6

Could we just hide the blog until we actually get some writers? Now it’s just bad publicity. A dead blog is worse than no blog at all.

(diasp_eu) #7

Just link to

(Jason Robinson) #8

Proposal: Remove blog and point link to DHQ public stream instead

A blog without blog posts is worse than no blog at all. I propose we ramp down the blog as it is clear we do not have enough active writers to represent the project as blog posts.

Instead, as proposed, we could point the ‘Blog’ link to the public stream of DHQ ( We can then focus on writing posts with that account in diaspora*.

This also has the benefit of actually using diaspora* as a publishing engine - which makes sense.

Outcome: The blog lives on.


  • Yes: 4
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 3
  • Block: 0

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(Jason Robinson) #9

I agree a planet would make more sense than an official blog.

(raven24) #10

yeah, I’d rather see it replaced by a “planet” than just a link to the DHQ account. that planet could easily aggregate the DHQ atom feed (which would also give us an incentive to give that feature some attention)

(Flaburgan) #11

Okay, here we go, drafts of some possible blogposts.

@goob and everyone else, if you want to read / correct / reformulate…

(Flaburgan) #12

Is there a way to easily upload images to include in the blogpost? @dennisschubert @seantilleycommunit

(goob) #13

Hi Fla, it’s telling me I need to log in (as you?) to see that page.

(Flaburgan) #14

@goob sorry, the pad is now public :wink:

(Flaburgan) #15

Who exactly has access to the blog?

(goob) #16

Hey Fla, that’s great work. I’m doing some editing now. I’m doing it in a word processor as it’s easier for me, so apologies if this shows the whole text, and not just my edits, as being written by me in Framapad.

I’d like to do a little ‘Hi, we haven’t gone away, we’ve been busy making diaspora* better’ post to reopen the blog before posting other things. I’ll try to put that together in the next couple of days and put that on Framapad too.

Dennis gave me access to the blog a couple of months ago, so I’ll be able to put up posts. It’s worth deciding (a) what things we should (and shouldn’t) blog about, and (b) what process we should have in place to ‘authorise’ text before posting it. We could perhaps mention a few key people (Dennis, Jonne, Sean, Jason etc) for their views before posting.

(goob) #17

By the way, the blog appears to use Markdown, so I’ve converted the links to that format.

(Jason Robinson) #18

@flaburgan will you promise to write blog posts on a semi-regular basis - anyone else? :slight_smile:

TBH - I know many want a blog (hey I would) - but experience shows people just don’t have the time. And to be honest, code is more important at this stage than posts :wink:

(Dennis Schubert) #19

@flaburgan Well, the posts are formatted using markdown, so yeah, you can embed images. There is no upload available right now, but that’s fixable, if neede.

(Flaburgan) #20

@dennisschubert I can upload them to, as you want. I think it would be better to have them on the same domain.

@jasonrobinson yeah, let’s promise that :stuck_out_tongue: As long as there are reviewers, 'cause I can’t post alone.