Bogus notifications & spam from an old post

Hi. I joined Diaspora several years ago upon invitation from a friend, and haven’t used it in several years. I keep getting email notifications which are very likely spam - people commenting on a post I must have made a long time ago. I tried to log into diaspora with the associated email address, but it could not be found, and I could not recover my password as a result. I have now started a new account with the same username and email address that I had used back then to post this issue (and it seemed both were available to use - so why am I getting notifications on some old thread somewhere??). Can you please a) tell me what is going on; b) tell me how to regain control over that old thread so I can delete it, and the account, completely; and c) tell me how I can now delete THIS account, since it is a frustratingly bad user experience and I want no part of it. Thank you.

Hi Meznor,
Which pod is your original account with? If you can tell us that, we can try to put you in touch with the admin of that pod, who will hopefully be able to help you.

I don’t remember there being pods when I joined up. It was Or I don’t remember the pod. I remember there is a newsfeed, and a profile page, and I made a handful of posts.

OK, that’ll be, the pod set up by the project’s founders.

It’s now run by @zauberstuhl, so let’s ask him if he can help.


Can you send me your account details and the old email address you used?

also the email you are receiving?



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I think the server or the registration process has been compromised, because I’m experiencing a similar problem.
I got plenty of likes to posts I wrote in spanish and it seems very strange to me that those accounts with names not-in-spanish like them.
Examples: (at least one like is from people I follow, but most of them seem to be spam)