Branch off conversation

Just copying my status on diaspora* about it:

"I had an interesting idea that was inspired by one of my statuses.

What if there were a function in diaspora that would allow a user to take a conversation and branch it off into a status of their own? Click the button that says “Branch” or something and it takes some sort of snippet of the conversation for reference to continue on a conversation if it goes into a digression?"

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Nice idea!

Like an advanced re-share you mean?

If I reshared one of your posts, the comments would all be on ‘my’ post, not your original one?

Or do you mean threaded comments, where I can reply to a comment? (like on DISQUS, Facebook, etc)

The latter Rich. I often have a really hard time keeping track of who is talking to who about what. This would be REALLY handy.

I’m confused. So you don’t mean ‘take a conversation and branch it off into a status of their own’, but simply have threaded comments on the original status (post)?

The latter has been discussed before, and I don’t think there would be any blocks to it being implemented - just a question of someone having the inclination to work on it and finding a way to develop it. The former has potential pitfalls, although probably OK if it’s only allowed for public posts.