Bring back the "unfollow" and "follow"-Buttons

While we are at it… these are Buttons, that are really needed.

If you hit the “follow”-Button on a post, you will receive notifications like when you commented the post - but without commenting it. Nice to keep track of things that are interesting to you, but you won’t have to comment and cause a notification to all others, that are receiving notifications for this post.

The unfollow-button removed this subscription. This works regardless how you followed. If you write a comment, you “follow” the post. If it’s your post, you follow it - just like it works now.

Why I need the “unfollow” Button:
I had some posts, that had some comments. So far, so good. But then the discussion drifted away in a direction, I really didn’t want to read the comments. I would have “hidden” the post, but this is not possible with own posts. I didn’t want to delete it, because if they want to discuss - they should do so. But I wanted to no longer receive notifications.
For this szenario the unfollow-button would be the apropriate thing to use.

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We had some database load issues with this in the past.

Okay, maybe you could explain what the load issues were? Maybe there is another way to implement it… I don’t want the idea in general to get lost just because it was hard to implement / to get up to speed. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the original objective of the “pin” now “like” action.

The like has a different behavior since this information is shared with other users.
As I understand the proposal (and would like to see myself), the follow action would let you track posts of interest to you while keeping this private.

I would rather have a follow/unfollow toggle than a like button. I often use the like button as such. Since these options should have different behavior, I would like to have both available.

I think a follow/unfolow function is very important.

Agreed! Follow/unfollow in addition to like would be useful

I would rather see a follow/unfollow function and get rid of the like function.

The idea is good, but we have to make some choices, otherwise the user interface will get too complicated.

+1 but I think that UI would become complicated.