Bugmash Mondays - bug suggestions

(goob) #41

Hi chaps,

Apologies - I’ve taken my eye off the ball re this task. Had computer failure last week and health has meant I’ve not had energy to do anything this week.

If someone wants to suggest a few bugs I’ll post them via the DHQ account asap, but today I don’t have the energy to search for likely bugs. Apologies, and I’ll try to get back in the swing for next week.

(Flaburgan) #42

@goob we have a lot of issues with someone “affected” (saying he/she will work on it) in the newcomer tasks, I think it’s okay to not do a bugmash this week :wink:

(goob) #43

OK, thanks.

(Jonne Haß) #44

Actually, who says the bugmash monday has to be on every monday? I’d be more than okay with something like every first monday in a month or something similar.

(goob) #45

That sounds like a good idea. We can always do extra ones if there are lots of bugs needing fixing at any time.

(goob) #46

It’s the first Monday in the month tomorrow, so I’ve been looking at bugs.

I’m finding it difficult to locate bugs which are likely to be simple enough to include in this list and which are definitely not claimed - there are a lot which have either someone saying ‘I’ll work on this’ and then nothing more, or a pull request at the end of the discussion and then nothing more. So it’s difficult to tell the status of a lot of these.

I’ve found two and added them to the outstanding items from the last bugmash list.

I’m also finding it difficult to make my way through the closed pull requests in order to do the ‘review since last time’, not knowing Github as well as I might. There are pages and pages of pull requests since the last bugmash post. If someone can help me navigate them to produce a review of work done in the past month, that would be a great help. I’m using this page, but if there is another part of Github I can use more effectively, please direct me to it.

Here’s the draft list for this time. The first two are new to the list; the final three are from last time. I’ve also included ‘adopt a pull request’. Again, if any of these are better not included, let me know; likewise, if there are any other bugs you feel should be included, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

There is a number of pull requests which have never been finished, so if you’d like to help tidy these up and get them ready to be merged, please adopt a pull request

There’s an important ongoing task we would really welcome some help with:

This week’s bugs are:

(Jonne Haß) #47

Thank you for your work. Did you consider checking the changelog as a resource for stuff that was done?

(goob) #48

I’m not sure how to! If you can instruct me how to do that, I’ll definitely consider it.

I guess I could look at https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/commits/develop for commits. That’s useful, I hadn’t thought of that before.

My understanding is that a changelog only records merged changes, and the review has also considered open as well as merged pull requests. I guess this is nice as it enables people who are not core contributors to be mentioned.

If you could give me a link to the changelog, that would be a great help.

(goob) #49

Here’s the list. It’s a long one! Have I missed out anything important?

I think I’d better do this as a separate post, otherwise it’s going to dominate the bugmash post.

Last week’s review:

Huge thanks to all these people for their work, as well as to everyone else who has been working on things to improve Diaspora over the past month.

(Jonne Haß) #50

Well with changelog I meant the changelog: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/blob/develop/Changelog.md and maybe also the commit history for it: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/commits/develop/Changelog.md

But you’re right, that only includes merged pull requests.

(goob) #51

Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful. I knew you meant the changelog - I just didn’t know how to find it!

I’ve gleaned a few more pull requests from that, and will keep a link to it for future reference.

(Flaburgan) #52

@goob you’ll be happy with the pulse page: exactly what you want :wink:

(goob) #53

Thanks @flaburgan , that’s really useful.

(goob) #54

The beginning of the month has crept up on me, so this is a bit last-minute.

I’ve created two draft posts: a month in review, with acknowledgement of all the work done, and a list of current bugs to tackle.

Would be grateful if you’d check if there’s anyone I’ve left out of the review list who should be included (and for what work), and also if the bugs I’ve listed are suitable for inclusion.

Many thanks as always.

August development review

As you probably know, a new major release, diaspora*, arrived last week. There was a lot of activity in the run-up to that release, with a large number of bug fixes, performance improvements and features being committed to the code base.

Our code heroes for August are:

Huge thanks to all these people for their work, as well as to everyone else who has been working on things to improve Diaspora over the past month. Apologies if we’ve missed anyone off the list.

You can see more by consulting the changelog,
commits and recently closed pull requests.

Let’s get BugMashing!

If you’ve got a bit of spare time and want to help improve Diaspora’s code, join in and help us mash some bugs!

There is a number of pull requests which have never been finished, so if you’d like to help tidy these up and get them ready to be merged, please adopt a pull request.

There are two important ongoing tasks we would really welcome some help with:

Both of these code refactor tasks would be suitable for someone new to the diaspora* project, so if you’d like to help, let us know.

This week’s bugs are:

(Jonne Haß) #55

Great work, thanks Goob. There are some open issues on the project site, the project site being a pretty small and relatively clean Rails 4 app, all of those should be suitable for newcomers, so something nice to call out for too :wink:

(goob) #56

Excellent idea. I’ll include something about that. Thanks.

(Flaburgan) #57

I think it could be great to define priority between issues. Some of them are bugs we want to fix so we don’t close it, but are not urgent. Others like #4416 or #3653 really concern every users and should be fixed ASAP.

So what do you think we should do? Use a new github label to be able to find urgent issue quickly? Try to summarize them on a wiki page (hard to keep up to date)?

(goob) #58

I didn’t include either of those issues, because one relates to OpenGraph, so I thought Tamás, who created the OpenGraph function, might want to look at it, and the second has been open for ages and it’s not particularly clear what is going wrong for the people who were reporting it. I have the impression it’s not yet ready to be fixed, because more information is needed on what is happening.

Someone who is more in tune with development will have to decide on urgency of various issues, which is why I post my draft list here each week and ask for comment on it.

(goob) #59

Hi chaps, I’m afraid for health reasons I’ve not been able to do the prep work for a bugmash post tomorrow (first Monday of the month). If someone else would be happy to do it that would be great.

If you could get together a list of:

  1. Who did what in September - i.e. a list of people who have contributed to the code, and what they contributed. This can include some open pull requests as well as merged code. You could have a look at last month’s review post to see what I posted last month.
  2. A list of five to eight bugs/things which need to be sorted out. To be suitable for inclusion in the bugmash, they should be things which are not too involved and complex, so could be solved in a fairly short period; things which no one has yet indicated an interest in working on; things which the need is fairly clear-cut and a solution not controversial (i.e. no discussion on-going about whether it should even be implemented or how best to approach it); and some of them at least should be suitable for newcomers. You can see last month’s list here.

Things which are useful to consult in doing this are:

I don’t think we need to rush to get this published tomorrow, but would be grateful for any help available as I’m not up to it this month.

Thanks, and apologies.

(goob) #60

Oops, second link was a duplicate - last month’s bugmash post can be found here.