Building a python version of diaspora and desktop client too in pythomn

i want to build my own instance but in python i see the language is in ruby would the diaspora communti object to diaspora instance being in python instance of ruby. my language is pythom can non ruby devs contribute to this project

No, not at all. The protocol diaspora* uses is documented publicly, and we invite everyone with interest to implement it. There are already a couple of compatible implementations, with Friendica (PHP) probably being the largest.

Building a diaspora*-compatible node in Python is probably a big undertaking, but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you.

Good luck! And if you have something to share, please do share your project!

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i will defintlyy also i plan to build a desktop app too.

I think SocialHome is built mainly in Python. It uses the diaspora* protocol for federation.

Mine probably won’t use activitypub at all because I do not want the current diaspora culture to be hurt by the activitypub culture I wanted more support for python devs like myself abd for people who aren’t ruby devs