Call for API User stories for W3C Social WG

Howdy o/

In the W3C Social WG we currently work on gathering User Stories for the
Social API (client to server API) specification (server to server API
coming soon!). We would like to welcome your feedback and especially
submitting stories which Diaspora currently supports. Simple steps to do

  1. Visit
  2. Read all the stories and collect # links to those which Diaspora supports
  3. Write new stories, trying to keep same convention, for other features
    which Diaspora supports
  4. Publish those new stories online and send link by email to with subject: Diaspora API User stories

We will include them on:

Please keep in mind the deadline for submitting your stories - 1 week
from now! (Feb 16th, 2015)

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@jasonrobinson @jhass @dennisschubert

Hmm… What are users stories ?

Thanks @elfpavlik for keeping us informed!

@augier User story by wikipedia. This is related to the work done in W3C to standardize the way social apps like diaspora talk to each other.

Most crucial for us part: please document stories which cover your already existing functionality! This way we can make sure that specs with take into account all the requirements for implementing features, which people using Diaspora already got used to. Please also keep this very near deadline in mind!

One feature that was asked from us is retrieving a user directly, without interrogation for the server webfinger, to cut down the roundtrips to the server. I don’t know if the issue is with the spefication, our server implementation, or their clients implementation (maybe the client can cache the first response for a few hours).

Also, retrieving a json with 2 or more users at once, for the same reason: less delay. I think I saw this on loomio or GH issues, maybe somebody remembers where it was.

Looks like there’s already a bunch of users stories.

nervously looks at deadline and tries to find some time today for this

@elfpavlik Phew! Added quite a few from the diaspora* world. I don’t think the current suggested ones there already fitted very well. And quite a few are very broadly written, so some of the ones I added are mentioned in others, but they don’t have their own user story. But yeah, will have another pass tomorrow, adjust and do more additions - then will hit the mailing list with a note and a list.

Thanks, Jason - you’re a project super-hero at the moment!

@elfpavlik Did a few additions but can’t do much more checking at the moment as I got hit by fever.

Anyway, sent an email to the list and the user stories are here: