Cancel Button on User Sign-Up

Wanted to start a discussion based on this pull request. The feature adds a button to escape all of the fields during user signup. Some people are fine with this feature, while others have expressed that this is backwards UX, and is unnecessary.

What do you think?

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It doesn’t clear the fields, it adds a way to escape it.

We can add a simple home button, like this

+1 for adding a button/logo/toolbar to go to the pod root page. Cancel to me is kind of weird since there is nothing to cancel at this point.

But then don’t really mind either way - but some way to go from “sign-up page” to “home page” without manually editing the URL is needed. If I invite someone who doesn’t know much about D* they will just see a signup and no way to check what the site is about. Most pages embed their signup in the page itself so you can see stuff about the site, not just a signup form.

The landing page now has a sign-up form in the middle of it, so all you need to do to cancel is not to hit the ‘Sign up’ button - you’re already on the home/landing page so there’s nothing to cancel, no need to navigate away. Perhaps it would make sense to propagate this to other pods, then they can customise it as much as they like. Or am I missing something?

Imo not needed. I don’t see the point. (that’s just my opinion of course)

+1 for using a navbar with a logo on the registration page. It’s simple, usable, and makes sense.

Ah, I see there is a dedicated ‘sign up’ page as well as the sign-up form on the landing page. Ignore my previous post.

Did we reach any conclusions on this one? The pull is still sitting open, and we shouldn’t keep the commiter waiting.

Close it, or merge it?

+1 for pulling now and logging a feature (issue) request to change it to a navbar later

+1 Jason

Pull request for header fix:

By the way, I find this kind of discussion redundant with github. There, issues about new features can be closed and linked to the code. Here, it just becomes old and useless… No ?

Yeah, I think for small features, community discussions on here are unnecessary, and belong more on GitHub. Bigger features, specifically ones that require planning and discussion, are useful on Loom.

This was a small thing but had strong opinions :wink: