Change displayed information in #tags view

This would be just as confusing as having a number but could be useful if it’s clearly stated that list of users is partial and that only users of the same pod that have opted in are shown. I’m doubting that it’s worth the effort.

As I don’t know how much effort it would take, I’ll have to abstain. But my vote can be considered as a strong no if:

  • it would take a lot of work to create and implement this feature, or
  • it would increase server load to run it.

I don’t think it really adds anything useful, so unless it would be really easy to implement and make no difference to pod performance, I don’t think we should attempt it.

@seantilleycommunit You are able to add 5 tags to your own profile which could be #mozilla, #fsf, #whatever. What is the advantage of public tag followings over tags in your profile (which are available across pods)?