Change redirect of /tags path

If you follow the link to https://podname.tld/tags, the page redirects to /tags/partytimeexcellent. While this might have been fun in the early days, it’s not useful, as that tag is so little used.

I suggest either:

  • Changing the redirect to /followed_tags (a very simple fix).
  • Create a stream in /tags which is a list of all tags known to the pod, so that the user can then click on any tag to see its stream. This is more logical and, I think, more useful, but would also be more complex to create.

What do you think?

I don’t really care about this, nothing links to /tags. I know that this redirect exists, but it never bothered me, because nobody goes to that link. And if somebody tries it, then it’s a easteregg from the past, but it doesn’t harm. It’s just a redirect instead of a 404, because there is nothing to display there yet.

But if somebody wants to change that to something else, I wouldn’t be against it, because again, not many go to that URL. So it’s basically unused and if somebody wants to use it for something useful, it’s free to use :slight_smile:

I just ran across this while doing some coding down there and thought to myself “That’s funny in a retro way.” I mean, Wayne’s World was two decades old when this project was started :slight_smile: . Did this come up from something in source code or did this come up in a use scenario?

I think it was the first tag the founders ever used when they launched their first pod, and I assume the redirect was put in place temporarily and then forgotten about.