Change the link to invite new users to a link to

On the pod there is a link that can be used to invite new users.


as I understand it is closed to new users. I would propose that this link is changed and points to
Which has a link to a random pod sign up page.

Given that joindiaspora is clearly has a lot of users (and a big thank you to the admin for sterling work keeping it running) it may help new users. If they get told they can’t sign up it will just or could simply put people off.

Just an idea.

Paul Sutton

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The community doesn’t run joindiaspora, so you’ll have to get @maxwellsalzberg to do the change. Or, as he will possible tell you, you can just make the change yourself and submit a pull request towards the joindiaspora branch. Then Maxwell can deploy it next time he bumps joindiaspora :slight_smile:

Btw, it would be great to have a core code change to have closed sign up pods always show the sign up button BUT make it redirect to for example. I bet we lose a lot of random traffic signups because people end up looking at posts on closed pods.

I am not a developer so not sure how to do that, i keep breaking stuff on my own github. I will get in touch and ask. Thanks