Choosing new frontend framework

I spit the other discussion off this thread. I think it’s important to have a thread about “when will it be done” that we can link to, but let’s keep this about the frontend framework and the frontend framework only, and continue the other thing here.

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FYI as I use the API I think we are going to have to look at how OpenID is configured or what we want to do with the authentication to the main website since we will have a bit of a chicken-and-the egg problem with the users having to validate API access to the Website but they need to be logged into the website to do that, etc. I’m not worried about that problem since it is in the authentication layer not directly in the API implementation but I thought I’d bring that up as something I’m discovering as I’m dogfooding the API with an external driver program. Once the API is feature complete I intend to go back around and starting looking at that.