Cleaning up Diaspora's visual design

I have had some interest recently in polishing up Diaspora’s default look and feel. I believe that some minor changes to stylesheets and templates could greatly improve the default user experience of using Diaspora.

My line of inquiry has come to this: at this point, how does one go about proposing visual changes to Diaspora’s interface? I feel competent enough in working with the many compartmentalized feature-specific stylesheets, and have some understanding of interface elements in various templates.

Put another way: if I have ideas and can make most of them happen on a branch, what is the ideal review process for submitting a series of changes? Is it better to focus on one set of changes per pull request (ie, “switch box shadows for 1px solid borders?”) or is a PR replete with screenshots and multiple commits enough?

I’ve had some interest in taking a “100 Papercuts” approach here, where minor design squabbles across the UI are listed to be worked on. I’m not 100% sold on the approach, however.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to go about this?

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I have a branch that I’m working on here, only been at it for a few days so far:

Hey Sean- my suggestions are such: making revisions to the user-interface, and pushing for approval should be focused on modular design and areas of the platform, that way.

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If you can, make a mockup/screenshot of your idea first and propose them in a newly created github issue or here. If you cannot, make PRs (and include screenshots if you want <3), but keep them as isolated as possible.

The smaller the PR, the easier reviews are and the lower is the risk for massive refactorings if we decide to change something.

The smaller the PR, the easier reviews

Multiple small commits (with one change per commit and meaningful commit-message) are also easy to review :slight_smile:

Also @comradesenya made a public test-pod (see, maybe it is possible to deploy your PR there and get feedback from the community (But senya is currently testing his jquery PR there).

Screenshot please.

@juansantiago Feast your eyes and your feedback: