Comment picture upload feature

Here was a PR on picture upload for comments.

It was marked as “needs discussion” so here is a topic for that.

@denschub said that

To me, having pictures in comments feel like something that can get messy really fast. But if this is just my opinion, I’m more than happy to ignore it.

I actually think, that we can include pictures in comments using markdown currenlty, so it won’t change too much (someone could make comments messy anyway). I think that comments publisher and post publisher should share more code and more features and be as similar as possible. However since comments are displayed in a different manner then we should probably use some different UI look for that (so that it doesn’t look ugly if the feature is used actively).

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I think we shouldn’t implement pictures in comments the same way as it currently is in posts (upload as a gallery). That’s not really useful for comments. We should do it more like it’s working on github (upload and then include with markdown). That is also something I want to have in posts (in addition to the gallery), so you can insert pictures everywhere in the post, not only at the top. So that “upload and include with markdown” could first be added to posts, and then be reused for comments (together with the markdown editor for comments?)

@svbergerem wrote in the PR:

  • Add photos in comments to the federation gem (talk to @SuperTux88)

When inserting pictures as markdown, we don’t need to attach them to the comment, so no change in the federation gem is needed here. The pictures won’t show on a users photos page then, but I think that’s only needed when uploaded as gallery on a post. But if we want to have also comments pictures there, we can just federate them as single photos (still no change in the gem needed for that).


I pretty much agree with @supertux88 here. I don’t like having something like a gallery in the comments, but if we end up with something like github, that would be super cool. Also, as a side effect, people would finally be able to have text before their photos, … :slight_smile:


I don’t see any downside from a UX point of view to enabling upload of photos to comments as well as to posts. I get the point about galleries in comments, though. If it’s possible to get it to work as it does in Github, that would be great.

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