Communicating about development

(goob) #21

Thanks, @flaburgan . I don’t mind where it’s published - a blog was my first thought. All it needs is technical checking and correction by people who understand the technical issues far better than I do. If Jonne and Florian can find time to look at it, that would be great, but I understand that they already do an enormous amount of work on the project, so if anyone else could help out, that would be great.

We do as a project need to do more to communicate with the wider community, and with people who don’t currently use Diaspora, to ‘demystify’ the project and its development. This article is an attempt to be a part of that process.

(Flaburgan) #22

I created a roadmap page even if it’s just to explain that we can’t say anything about the future :stuck_out_tongue:

It indicates the previous releases and the big things we are working on.

(Ryuno-Ki) #23

Goob, thanks for your engagement.

What about creating some images for explaining FAQs?

I’ve started some back then, as Markdown weren’t mentioned:

Basic formatting

But lost the time to make up new ones.

However, scrolling through #newhere posts, there seem to be some more people keen to help you:

Look, images are eye-catcher, so it might be worthy to team up with those community members in your outreach project. They’re more attracting than simple lists of resources.

They would have to be reshared every now and then.

Then, we will have more thank yous as well, I think :slight_smile:

(goob) #24

@ryunoki are you aware of the tutorials on our project site? There are screenshots as part of the getting started series, and there’s a separate tutorial all about formatting via Markdown.

One thing to consider about images, which was pointed out after the tutorials were written: they are not translatable, which the project site is, so we should have as few images as possible there, or at least try to make them language non-specific (no text in them).

(Ryuno-Ki) #25

No, I’m rarely visiting the Wiki (so many different locations *sigh*).

What about storing the .xcf files from GIMP on GitHub? This way, the translation could be done by loading the file into a contributor’s GIMP and just edit the text field …