Community anniversary

(Jason Robinson) #61

@dennisschubert I’m confused as to what you mean by that? AFAIK from reading this I’ve been the only one doing any mailings out of there and those mailings have been fully discussed here publicly.

And yes we should have a voting process for all our teams, accounts etc. We just don’t have the processes in place yet, except for the github organization, even though that only covers additions to the original team.

(Flaburgan) #62

@goob we need numbers because otherwise we could be considered as a dead project with nobody on it.

(jonsger) #63

We finished the translation of the “infomail” and the press release. @dennisschubert send it in a mail to a few german medias. You can look here: German Infomail for medias and the press release

(Jonne Haß) #64

drops link and hides

(Jonne Haß) #65

Alright, the codebase is prepared for the release, I’m not going to do any changes anymore unless something really urgent comes up. So it’s up to you guys when you want the release.

(goob) #66

If you’re satisfied it’s all ready, I’d say release it today - with notification to podmins, if there’s any means of doing that - and then announce it to the general public tomorrow, which would give podmins a bit of time to update.

(Jonne Haß) #67

I lost track what you want to mention in the release announcement, so that one is the missing piece on my side :wink:

(goob) #68

I’ve created a blank announcement on the spored pad you linked to. It needs someone with a better understanding of the code to fill in the number of contributors, commits, weeks since last release and the major updates and features of this release. Besides, I need to go and lie down!

Thanks to you and everyone who’s worked so hard on this release.

(goob) #69

By the way, I was planning to do several announcements via the DHQ account tomorrow: one announcing the anniversary and that there will be more announcements, one for the new software release, one for changes to the project site, and then Sean will want to do his announcement about the FSSN.

So this announcement only needs to cover what is new in (and any instructions to podmins that go with it).

(goob) #70

OK, I’ve had a go.

Here is my best go at it:

Here’s a short list of the most notable changes:

  • At long last, we have a new single-post view! This was a great collaborative effort from several of our developers.
  • There is also a new design of the interaction buttons on the profile page, along with a selection of that user’s photos and contacts visible to you.
  • Added OpenGraph support to enable ‘previews’ of links to more sites.
  • Functionality of cross-posting to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook have been improved.
  • Added ability to post from diaspora* to WordPress blogs.
  • There have been many improvements to the mobile version of diaspora*.
  • Added support for Bitcoin donations to podmins.
  • There is now a Help section, accessible from the user settings menu.

Please, anyone who knows more about the software than me, feel free to amend and change this.

There are no notes to podmins about updating to the new version, so if these are needed they will have to be added.

(Jason Robinson) #71

Great stuff! I stopped sending emails via the press@ address to blogs after the FSSN thingy came out - it kinda obsoleted the whole teaser email. But I’ll gladly send out updated to the same list once the announcements are out.

(Jonne Haß) #72

Looks good to me, thank you @goob!

(Jason Robinson) #73

Sent out a bunch of updates to some english lang blogs as per piratepad - will do html tipboxes later

(goob) #74

Thanks, Jay - great work.

(goob) #75

By the way, I see that the press release I drafted a while ago is still in the PiratePad document. The general consensus was that that draft wasn’t very good, and lots has changed since then of course, so I wouldn’t send that out as is. (I don’t think that’s what you are doing, but I thought I’d better say it just in case.)

(Jason Robinson) #76

I took the blog and then linked to it at the bottom - very well written blog entry whoever it was :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #77

Guys, congrats to everyone, we really nicely deal with all that stuff and that’s awesome.

Nice to see @maxwell in the loop again too.

(Augier) #78

Hi everyone ! I know that a post one the blog is being prepared for this year’s anniversary. I proposed on IRC to make a little video with gource to illustrate 4 years of developping D*.

You can watch my proposition here.

Fiew things about the video : I highlighted some key dates in the developpement time. The gource sections between them have a speed varying between 85% et 120% of the original speed. That speed is already pretty high (0.05 second per day of developpement). So it would be difficult to make it faster.

I managed to download the avatars of the hundred most contributive people on github thanks to a python script I wrote, but the project counts 275 unique contributors, so I coudn’t get the avatar of everyone, unless I’d download them by hand…
For an obscure reason, I didn’t get the avatars of all the four original founders. I only get Maxwell’s. Maybe their not on github anymore ?
The other weird thing is that @jonnehass’s didn’t intergrate well, although I get his avatar. I suppose this is because gource, doesn’t manage very well the eszett in his name… :confused:

The music in the video is from Perturbator. It is disctributed on Bandcamp at the customer’s choosen price. Fot hose who know, it is a track from the soundtrack of tha game Hotline Miami. I found it integrated well with the shiny style of gource.
If we want to use eventually, I suggest one of the project’s leaders to contact him.

One last thing : @flaburgan pointed out that the date the project passed to the community in august. I’m going to correct it quick :wink:

EDIT : I’ve corrected the mistake and modified a bit the video editing. The new video is here

(Jason Robinson) #79

This is totally awesome, thanks for doing it @augier !

In this comment you said you will make some further changes still? The changes sound good to me. I think the video itself is powerful enough - no worries about removing the few texts, like about the backend :slight_smile:

(Augier) #80

Ok ! I’m doing it tonight. Maybe I upload the last version tomorrow. Last change that concerns me is the text at the end “diaspora* is not dead” that i will change to “diaspora* is alive” accordingly with @goob prop. But I wonder if "diaspora* is alive and growing* wouldn’t be too much with the following text “it is yours and it is waiting for you” ?

BTW : version 3 is here