Concerns Re: Abuse & Child Safety

Hello Everyone.

I’ve had some serious issues getting assistance from @SeanTilley, Then @JoinDiaspora & Finally @JayWink Via Twitter.

Can someone here please respond to my and the communities growing concerns regarding this project?

Thank you in advance.

Information Re: Ongoing Issues Reported To Law Enforcement After Use Of Diaspora via Diasp.EU

*If you’d prefer to discuss on Twitter, I’ve tweeted the link to this public discussion regarding all of our concerns.

Thank You, I appreciate your time here. :slight_smile:


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@l4c0f I read your document concerning your experience with Diaspora. If I’m not mistaken, your concerns could actually be two feature requests:

  1. Ability to block users from commenting on your posts,
  2. Automatic scrubbing of EXIF data from uploaded images.

Both of these seem like great features to me. #2 is a huge security risk, not just for activists, but for all kinds of people. Imgur, a popular image-sharing site, actually has this feature for all of its users, and they don’t even advertise it! How cool is that?

As for #1, my personal philosophy is that self-moderating communities are best. I think that admins should only have to step in and wield the banhammer in very extreme situations. Allowing users control over who comments on their posts does two things: it makes admins’ jobs easier and empowers users. On the other hand, allowing blocked users to continue commenting opens the door for harassment.

Sorry if I missed anything, but that seemed to be the meat of your complaints. I feel like we should be discussing that. It seems like your approach to this has been very confrontational and threatening, and that may have turned off a lot of people to your ideas. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, etc.

I’m absolutely supportive of your ‘opinion’ on this matter, however it’s not something i’m debating so much as stating. It’s actually very clear by US Law.

“managing the sexually explicit content of a computer site or service”

Is still, willingly, knowingly being broken under Non-profit status for the Diaspora Foundation, Diaspora Inc. & JoinDiaspora which puts the entire project in harm.

That’s why i am trying to help you people, have been and continue to. I’d personally like this resolved vs endless debate over clear felony child abuse.

Pretty Simple! :slight_smile:

Huh. It seems like you’ve abandoned your previous concerns. That’s too bad. Even worse, it seems like you didn’t even read my post. How do I even know you’re reading this??? I don’t. Maybe I’m talking to myself.

In any case, I think that fighting porn is worse than an uphill battle. Compare Diaspora* with, for example, 4chan and Reddit. Those two sites have all kinds of porn, gore, shock site stuff, etc. The way it’s handled on Reddit is that the sub-reddits in question have a “You must be 18 to view” message in the sidebar. 4chan has a disclaimer and you have to click an OK button. That’s it.

So, perhaps D* should have a disclaimer when you sign up. (Maybe we do? I don’t remember.)

I apologize for not being able to sit down & read the entire info to you personally. It’s all right there, Again… I support your ‘opinion’ that should be painfully clear if you actually read my report.

Re: Disclaimer, No you don’t. That’s the problem man, damn. Read something please… please before responding further. This is actually important.

Especially to anyone who actually cares about Diaspora surviving the lawsuits awaiting.

Well, going by that logic, Reddit and 4chan should’ve been sued into oblivion long ago, and they haven’t. And they aren’t even decentralized.

Sigh. Oh boy we have tried to talk to this person. Sean, me, others.

Better just try to ignore him and hope he gets tired in the end. I’ve reported him to Twitter, he is publicly calling me with my full name and Twitter handle as a child abuser.

If someone wants to delete him from here, I won’t oppose.

Oh yeah and regarding the actual subject (which he refuses to discuss) - while it is up to podmins to implement their own rules, we should offer some ready made guidelines for podmins to adopt. This can include TOS, privacy statements, posting guidelines - even age limits. I’ve drafted some here that could be used.

What we need to emphasize on the project page itself is that 1) diaspora* is not a centralized social network that the project controls and 2) individual pods make their individual rules.

It’s problematic and many users will fail to understand these. But this dude isn’t even trying.

I think a well meaning transgender person made a suggestion about that on twitter recently. Even outlined the exact issue, including the fact Diaspora isn’t a social network, it’s software & how podmins are bound by laws in their own countries when running the software as a server themselves lol.

I guess you guys didn’t read that, I guess you dude’s weren’t even trying ROFL :wink:

It is nice to see JR finally see the importance of self governance & abiding by individual countries laws now whereas posting / access to NSFW material is concerned, especially on AWS servers which create a whole new clusterf*ck of an issue for this otherwise cool as hell project.

I sincerely hope at some point you can take the time, read all the info, learn & see what the issues were and how hard i personally tried to help you all.

It wasn’t until i was shown deaf ears, censorship and abuse that i took a different approach & demanded people look into this & make it safer for all those who love opensource, especially kids.

It’s pretty simple guys, I hope someday you can truly appreciate what i’m about here.

Forgive me but i’m busy here & from here on out i’m only at Twitter. I appreciate you all looking into however we can all mutually fix this ongoing mess in all forms. That’s my hope.

BTW. Mr. Robinson, I didn’t report your abuse towards teenagers including those recording artists i mixed. I allowed you to speak freely, you abused it, then deleted all your abusive tweets.

It’s quite interesting how you describe ‘me’ here & my worth contributing as a Loomio member. I question that before everyone in this group.

I won’t log in here again until @loomio tells me publicly i’m allowed to speak.

Great :slight_smile:

Apparently now I also abuse recording artists in addition to teenagers. I didn’t even know you can abuse recording artists.

Oh, you mean like the 14 year old who i help to promote her and Ian’s music directly on twitter and the Diaspora page NEO NAZI’s trolled after malicious links were posted again & again with no option but to leave?

That one? The talented Emma Boudin?

Yeah, I think you owe her and all of her friends on twitter an apology to be honest. Your call, just saying JR. You called teenagers Douchebags, stated your abuse towards all of us there was a ‘life lesson’, then threatened to follow me everywhere online before deleting it. Would you like me to post full screen caps of all your tweets? I didn’t out of respect Sir.

Also consider apologizing to:

ps. you promised you would not log in :frowning:

I genuinely feel sorry for you and all those who continue with you if this is how you feel you can treat us with no remorse, no reflection & in the name of someone else’s awesome FOSS project.

You didn’t start diaspora, You’re a self appointed mouthpiece who drowns out all the good people here. Look, they’re all afraid to speak on this topic now here.

I wouldn’t want your abuse if i sided with a single clear, logical point i raise and wanted to continue working on Diaspora. You sir make this project ugly when you have the gift otherwise to contribute so much.

I see all your commits, i see your hard work. I wish you well and hope you truly grow to understand the issues regardless of your thoughts on me, teenagers or recording artists i connect with.

@jasonrobinson : I understand you. Still difficult to not feed the troll ^^

Anyway, @l4c0f, I’ll act like you’re really willing to improve Diaspora* so here is the thing : you have to understand that D* is a free software, not a website. This implies that the developpers community is not responsible for what you might have experienced on a specific D* pod.

Now, you might have good ideas to improve the softaware. Then, come on and contribute ! Feel free to fork the repo, implement your improvements and submit them.

But you cannot come here and insult all the members of the community to try to enforce your specific values. This might be the point where we do not understand : the devs community is not your service. If you’re not happy with the way you’ve been treated on a specific pod, go and set your own up. We will be happy to help you doing it. There you will be able to suppress any post you want and make your law. This is the goal of D*.

Anyway, stop threaten us of lawsuits, this is ridiculous. Even if you succeded to notice and take down the foundation, hundreds of copies of the source code exist all over the world.

And understand this : is a domain name registred in the EU, hosted in Germany : your american laws don’t applies here.

Thank You Augier for responding. I am very happy to have caught this before finally sleeping from sheer exhaustion at this point. I’ve had other things as well to do today, it was long.

Re: Trying. Once you read my full report & all documents you’ll see that was already tried on many levels, publicly, nicely & then i was censored, refused answer, told misleading things from different people for Diaspora , JoinDiaspora & Diaspora Inc.

Again, once you actually read the document & review the info on Twitter (should you care enough to take the time required) you will obviously see i understand your protocol and security even better than most podmins, That’s pretty clear.

Re: Legal issues… Again, all very clearly laid out. Since you are perhaps not a parent who has a child who did see pron on Diaspora w/ no warning i can appreciate you may not have an issue. Also to note, I posted a link to international laws for everyone on twitter regarding this very topic. So, in your country it might be perfectly legal to show kids porn, Here in America we kinda’ frown upon that and have USC2257 for it lol.

I am not suing Diaspora. I was censored on Wordpress for having composed my report on Diaspora and my experience there. My personal lawsuit is against Wordpress for censoring my report on Diaspora :wink:

I am simply publicly making myself available as a security consultant in legal matters for parents of harmed children in the United States. Specifically any minor on US located pods and especially the AWS run ones on JoinDIaspora.

I hope this helps a bit.

Also, for the record. While revising code as i had laid out very clearly to function as i stated could in my report & on twitter… You could easily alleviate any further legal issues for your project.

However, in the US, Eben Moglen is on the hook with FSSN and others connected to Diaspora Inc. for willful felony child endangerment w/ adult material under the guise of a non-profit since at least this being made public and directed to him and the US Department Of Justice. Doing so, not protecting kids from porn & using nonprofit $ is illegal. It’s very clear.

That’s just how laws work here. I also hope that info helps.

I will make an effort to come back tomorrow. As long as we can discuss intelligently, respectfully the actual logistics at hand, i’m fine with trying to help.

Thanks in advance to anyone who chimes in.

Also, Jason… Just because we may never be friends doesn’t mean i don’t respect your work. If anything man, i took your shit because i know you’re bright and i figured at some point you’d finally see what i’m concerned about.

I hope we’ve at least reached a truce on this :wink: