Connect to a pod from another


Is it possible to connect on a new pod ffrom an account is in another pod ?

How can i do this ?

No, that is not possible. You always sign in via the pod on which you registered. From there, you can read and interact with content on the other pods in the network, so there is no need to sign in on different pods.

If you wish to permanently move your account from one pod to another, that is not yet possible but this feature will be released with the next major software release.

You might find diaspora*'s tutorials for new community members helpful to understand the ways diaspora* works.

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thx for your response

How can i know where provide a post (if it’s another pod or the pod where i created my account) ?

And how can i comment a post from another pod with my own account ?

You just do. Once you have signed up, you can more or less forget about the existence of different pods. Using the network should be more or less like using a centralised social platform. You see posts from all different pods in your stream, and you can interact with them (including commenting) without ever having to visit another pod.

If you want to know which pod another user is based on, out of curiosity, you can hover over their name or avatar and a little card will appear which shows, among other things, their diaspora* ID. This looks like an email address (but isn’t). The second part, after the @ symbol, is the domain of the pod they are based on.

Honestly, the most helpful thing for you will be to read the tutorials I linked to in my previous comment. This is available in various languages, hopefully including your native language. There is a language selector button at the bottom of the page.

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