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Guys am not a computer genius or anything like that but i love diaspora* it is amazing. One of my friend from school had told me about diaspora i totally agreed what does he says about the site. But I think there needs to be something much easier for adding contact on diaspora* something like facebook friend suggestion. Where diaspora* will suggest users whom they can know based on their profile tags like if i make a new account and added #football #guitar #thinker etc as my profile tags then diaspora* will suggest me people who have one or more tags in common with me…what say…???

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Just search for the tags you find interesting and add people who write posts with those tags to your contacts.

Sure you could add a feature to have a list of accounts which have 5 tags that match yours the most. But in the end what is important is the thing people write - not what they say they are.

my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

i totally agree to you but i don’t think so that new people who doesn’t know anything about diaspora* will search about tags. And this feature will be for new users who doesn’t know anyone on diaspora*. New people don’t do lot of search or don’t spent much time on how things work they just simply wanna meet interesting peoples @faldrian

@rebekacatalina No privacy leak. You can already see the tags of people you don’t follow. If such a feature would be implemented, the “don’t allow people to search for me” flag must be honored.

@larrysmith For those people without a starting point there is the community spotlight to show them some interesting accounts. Also I agree with Rebeka: If you are interested in diaspora, you won’t get far unless you invest some time and get aquainted with the network. It’s much more fun when you discover things. :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a way to improve things to show new people how to find interesting posts and therefore interesting people?

@rebekacatalina The profile of users of other pods are federated to your pod. The tags of the user are seen als public data, so your local pod has the federated public profile information of any user that is known to it.

As consequence you could suggest any user with tags and enabled “Allow for people to search for you within diaspora*”-Flag, regardless of the home-pod.

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I agree that the UI needs to be tweaked to make it more obvious how to add contacts. This is the most basic function of a social media app, and it must be really obvious right from the first time a new user logs in. The first time a friend and I tried to use Diaspora we could not figure out how to add each other and it totally put me off trying again for ages.

A big “Add Contact” button would help, with a field next to it for entering a username. The username field could just plug into the same behaviour as the existing search field, so no major new coding is required, just a graphical change to the UI.

The other thing I’d change in the UI is that the posting field should show all the buttons (eg the camera icon for attaching graphics) without having to be clicked. I spent a while trying to figure out how to upload photos before I clicked on the posting field.