Continuous Code Chat on IRC?

When will be the next Code Chat? What do you think?

Code chat is a bi-weekly community discussion held by the development team. The user and developer community is welcome to join in, ask questions, and get updates on where the project is heading.

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I think we really need to involve new devs in the project, and create event is a good way to do that. Asphxia showed that : with some hours of free time, a newcomer can do a great job !

The problem is, we need devs to help newcomer, and MrZYX and Raven don’t have a lot of time…

But we hang pretty much every bit of it in #diaspora-dev, if someone has a question he can just ask at any time.

I guess what it boils down to is “Do we still need Community Code Chat?”. A lot of those types of conversations have ended up on Diaspora itself, GitHub Issues, on the mailing list, and here on I like how things are now because anyone in the community can speak up and be heard on a variety of platforms; I don’t think the Code Chats in the past enabled that very well.

Just piping up with my outsider’s perspective: the Loomio team get together for a catchup every week, with remote contributors skyping in. We’ve found it to be an invaluable practice for keeping everyone on the same page :slight_smile:

We still need new devs. How about a monthly event on IRC which we promote via diaspora hq? Something like monthly every forth Tuesday, 7.30 PM UTC. Devs who have some spare time will be on IRC and new devs who would like to get into diaspora development can join us and we will help them. I know that they can ask for help anytime (as long as some dev is online) but a special event could help to recruit more devs.

We could give it a try next month and see if it is worth the effort.

Keep in mind, that people live in various countries of the world. So it could be hard to settle for a time, which is suitable for people from India, Finland and Brazil at the same time. We’re facing the vary same problem on Open Knowledge Foundation with the Group Call in the Open Education Working Group (I’m subscribed on the MailingList there out of interest from the beginning).

So at a minimum requirement, there should be logs recorded and published afterwards. Maybe we can learn from Ubuntu’s OpenWeek projects?

@ryunoki, that’s what we’re doing with our monthly contributor meetings (which are also held at 19.30 UTC):

Maybe simply tell people that we are doing these community meetings. They would become interested, and can ask question on #diaspora-dev at the same time.

As of December … I’ll mark the next one in my calendar.