Converting mysql to postgresql

I’m finally getting around to look into converting my database from mysql to postgresql. What’s the best way to go about doing this?

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When my instance’s performance tanked a long time ago, I upgraded and blogged about it. The procedure will probably have changed slightly as additional tables have been added, but it worked well for me.

Be absolutely sure to tailor your postgres configuration. You can use to generate a good config for your hardware.

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Finally getting around to doing this and was wondering if you’ve used pgloader before? From what I can tell it looks really easy.

I used pgloader to migrate to postgres (data only), however for some reason it didn’t get the order automatically, so I needed to do it in multiple manual steps, first import all data of tables without references to other tables, then import data of tables which only have references to tables which were already migrated and so on, until everything was migrated. Everything else worked, but I don’t remember much more (I also don’t know if that order-problem was only me doing something wrong or if that was a bug, and if so, if it’s fixed already).