Create "Diaspora Web Team" Subgroup

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Proposal: Create “Diaspora Web Team” Subgroup

As there’s a lot of discussion over ways to take the Diaspora project’s infrastructure forward, I think it would be sane to start a new subgroup specifically geared towards sites dedicated to D*'s infrastructure (specifically, the repurposing of, determining wiki software, hosting donations, voting on mailing lists to use, etc).

It’d be useful to have a dedicated space just specifically for these types of things, especially because it’s a highly specific topic that we ought to get the ball rolling on. If everyone’s cool with this, I’d like to open the group up, enlist a group of Web Team volunteers, and have everyone in the subgroup post their technical proposals for these kinds of things there…

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Alright. We might ask all who count themselves to a Web Team?

Can / shall we move the diaspora project discussion + proposals there?

Basically, anyone that wants to volunteer to be a part of the team, and has some experience with setting up web software / has server space to lend would be welcome to join. Just comment on this discussion if you would like to help get the ball rolling.

Yes, David. The web team is just project infrastructure on the web side of things. It has nothing to do with pods themselves. :slight_smile:

I have web dev skills, but no ruby skills, so I can work there :slight_smile: